Motorcycle Eldorado of South-West




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Suleskarvegen or Suleskardveien, is a fun road, not only because it is epic for motorcycles. It seams like people can’t agree where it starts and where it ends…
If we start with the facts; the piece of road named Suleskardveien, is the 42 km long stretch between Suleskard and Nomeland. Some claims that it continues north from Nomeland on road 9, turning east on road 45 to Dalen. From Dalen, further on road 45 and ends up at Høydalsmo in the junction between road 45/E134.

Either way, the road is considered the motorcycle Eldorado of south-western Norway. The motorcycle magazine Bike has elected it the best motorcycle route in Norway. And trust me; it is an epic piece of road no matter what you call it… The actual Suleskardveien is winter closed – normally between November 1st and May 20th. And this part is also the highest mountain pass in this part of the country – 1050 meters above sea level.

On the eastern side, make sure to stop in Dalen. Have an ice cream and take a selfie in front of the old Dalen Hotel. On the western side, you HAVE to make a detour to Lysebotn. The famous Lysevegen with the “Lyse ladder” is an incredible road with 27 hairpins from the mountain down to Lysebotn.


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