Billingen seterpensjonat

As national romantic as it gets


Skjåkvegen 4073, 2690 Skjåk


62.009908341583, 7.8669667128346


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Billingen shieling pension (seterpensjonat) is a must if you’re passing on road 15 to or from Geiranger. You don’t find anything more national romantic or ‘Norwegian’ than this place. It’s easy to miss, because you don’t see it, but it’s not more than 200 meters from the main road 15.

The shieling is originally an old house build i Skjåk in the 19th century. It was moved to Billingen where they started to produce cheese in 1920. This continued to the 1950’s.

Today Billingen seterpensjonat serves as a café and restaurant, and the pension offers 18 beds.

Stop to admire the view, buy a waffle and coffee and let it sink in before you continue.


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