Trollpikken (UNESCO)

The 'Troll's Dick' 😳 Yeah, that's what they call it…


Trollpikken (parking)


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Norway is the land of Troll’s, so of course we have their body parts spread all over… This one; The ‘Troll’s Dick’ (Trollpikken) is one of them, and try not to giggle. But it is a great excursion; nice drive to get there and a beautiful 2 km walk to get an Instagram-worthy picture to show for…

The pin in this map marks the parking lot. It’s huge, and you pay 100 NOK for the whole day. The route toward’s the troll’s dick is marked with signs from the parking, so you will not get lost. After a few hundred meters along the road from the parking, you turn right and follow a mountain road for a while before you again turn right and walk on a hiking trail. The hike is not difficult — I did it with a 7 and 8 years old in 2020. It can be wet somewhere along the route, so bring good hiking shoes if you can. Don’t forget fresh batteries in your phone or camera, because the nature, mountain landscape, rivers, and waterfalls on the way up, is beautiful. There are photo opportunities everywhere.

UNESCO geo park

The troll’s dick is part of the UNESCO global Geoparks, and this is what the enthusiasts have to say about it:

“The tale of Trollpikken begun a long time ago — before your grandfather was born, before the dinosaurs, even before the first signs of any plants on our planet. Back then, deep down below an enormous mountain, the Trollpikken was born from warm and red-glowing molten rock. Slowly but surely the mountain on top was worn down by the relentless forces of nature, piece by piece. Many years passed, with some very hot summers and some very cold winters. With rain flushing across the mountain side and wind carrying away dust and stones. Until one day, Trollpikken emerged from the depths of the earthonly to get covered once again. This time by the icy crust of huge glaciers that covered the land, the last of their kind.”

Vandalism & the fall of Trollpikken

In June 2017, the rock formation fell victim to an act of vandalism. It was broken lose at its base with mechanical force and the use of tools. The huge stone boulder, with a weight of 12 tons, was found lying intact right below its foundation. A fundraiser was initiated to raise Trollpikken again. Quickly the target of 20.000 Euro (200 000 NOK) was reached. On July 6th, a local construction firm started the restoration and the following day Trollpikken was erected once more. Only 14 days after the vandalism!

More geo-stuff in the area

In fact, there is a LOT more geo-stuff in the area. Magma UNESCO Global Geopark is a geographic area with a geology that has a major international importance, and where sustainable development plays an important role. Magma geopark is part of a network of more than 140 UNESCO Geoparks in 40 different countries on 5 continents. Although the background for a geopark is geology, it’s all about the people who are willing to explore, experience and share the vast possibilities of the natural and cultural attractions!

Trollpikken is one of 46 geological and cultural locations for you to explore in this part of Norway! Helleren in Jøssingfjord – also on this site, is part of the geopark too.

Other body parts

If you’re into trolls and not satisfied with what they offer in the tourist souvenir shops, there are other places to go beside Trollpikken. The Troll tongue is one of them. But be warned, this is NOT a stop-n-go destination. You need proper hiking gear, and you need to set aside 10 hours!

Another locations associated with trolls, is of course the famous Trollstigen (Troll’s ladder), an impressive hair-pin road near Åndalsnes. It’s part of my bucket list item “Norwegian Scenic Routes Trollstigen”.

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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