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Stryn – Nordfjordeid

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Panoramavegen on the west coast (not Panoramaveien Valdres) is a hidden gem and a detour well worth taking! It runs between Stryn and Nordfjordeid, and is 52 km long. It takes about an hour to ride, but add an extra hour and stop to enjoy the suggested locations below.

The road winds its way through the heart of Western Norway, revealing small villages along the shores of Nordfjorden – one of the longest fjords in Norway. For centuries, people have made their homes in these idyllic settlements. The road itself was once vital, connecting communities along the majestic Nordfjorden, but has been replaced by the modern and faster road E39. E39 runs alongside the deep Hornindalsvatnet, but it is flat and not as scenic as the name on this detour reveals…

Detour that make sense

While Panoramavegen may add a few extra kilometers to your journey to or from Nordfjordeid, the breathtaking views make it an essential detour. As the forest opens up, you’ll be treated to a magnificent panorama of the Nordfjorden, and suddenly, the longer route feels entirely worthwhile. FV613 hugs the mountainside, winding almost from farm to farm. The steep drop-offs are unbelievable.

Stops Along the Way

  1. Jevnlid farm museum: Immerse yourself in history at this museum, where nearly 1,000 artifacts are on display in two charming old buildings.
  2. Ulvedal Sawmill and Local Museum: Explore a beautifully restored water-powered sawmill, complete with a blacksmith’s forge and library. The locals also gather at the sawmill pond, creating a sense of community.
  3. Nos Viewpoint: Stand at the edge and gaze down almost 500 meters to the fjord below.
  4. Tvinnefossen: After your stop at Nos viewpoint, take a side trip to Randabygda church and visit Tvinnefossen. It’s a 15 minutes walk, and in this unique waterfall both people and animals can pass beneath its cascading waters.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking an unforgettable drive, Panoramavegen promises an enchanting journey through the heart of Norwegian beauty. 

Youtube video; Rune Holthen

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