Given to Norway by emperor Wilhelm II


Solskivevegen, Vangsnes


61.172104749631, 6.6399639844894

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At Vangsnes stands the colossal statue of the saga king Fridtjov den frøkne. It is 10.5 meters high, and on a 12-meter-high shelf it reaches 22.5 meters high. The statue is easily visible where it stands in the sky out on Vangsnes.

King Fridtjof was, after all, the son of Torstein Vikingson, who is said to have lived at Vangsnes, and the Icelandic saga writing from the 14th century in 1820 laid the foundation for Esaias Tegnér’s novel success «Fridtjof’s Saga». One of those who read the book, was Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, who in 1913 got the cost and erected the Fridtjov statue. The statue is shaped by the German art professor Max Unger, transported to Vangsnes in 15 parts and erected by 100 German marines.

Both after the First and Second World Wars, there was talk of tearing down the statue, but it still stands looking at the fjord…


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