Narrow valleys and epic mountain views


Vossevangen – Vik


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Vikafjellsvegen is part of road Rv. 13 across Vikafjell, between Vossevagen and Vik. It is truly wild nature and enjoyable riding on narrow twisty paved road.

This 78 km long piece of road includes most of what a motorcyclist desires. Starting in Vossevangen, you drive north along the beautiful lakes Lundavatnet and Lønavatnet. You pass the impressive waterfall Tvindefossen and as the valley becomes narrower, you follow the river Strandaelvi.


When turning north at Vinje, towards Myrkdalen (this part is called Myrkdalsvegen), the valley is really steep and narrow along Myrkdalsvatnet. It opens up again, and when passing Myrkdalen you can admire the massive mountains on all sides as you start to wonder; where does the road go from here? You will soon discover that the valley turns west and in the end, you’ll see the zigzag road climbing up the steep mountain side. Remember to admire Sendefossen halfway up the hairpins.

Before you know it, you are above the three line, and if you go in late spring/early summer, you will still find snow close to the road. On the mountain plateau, you quickly realize how small you are – in this waste mountain landscape…

On the edge…

Before decending to Vik, you will get a spectacular view as you exit Storehaug tunnel. For a short time, you will be driving on the mountain edge, and the view down to the valleys on both sides are nothing less then amazing! Just 100 meters after the tunnel, there is a stop/viewpoint, so make sure to take your Instagram photos here.

When enjoying the last turns on the way down to Vik, I’ll bet you’ll be sitting in the saddle smiling. Telling yourself that THIS was a route I will never regret! (If the weather is nice, I have to add…) 🙂

Things to check out

In Vik, make sure to stop at Hopperstad stave church, and – unless you are going back – also stop at the huge Fritjov statue in Vangsnes before taking the ferry.

Also, before leaving Vangsnes, you should have an idea of where you are going next. If you take the ferry to Dragsvik, you can continue north-west and among other things, admire St. Olavs church and Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand. And of course; embark on the beautiful Scenic Route Gaularfjellet.
If you take the ferry to Hella, you are going east and can stop at Kaupanger stave church and Urnes stave church (the oldest in Norway and the only one UNESCO listed).

With a starting point in Lustrafjorden, you have a lot of options; Scenic Route Sognefjellet, Tindevegen (The High Peak’s Road), Tyingvegen and Scenic Route Aurlandsfjellet.


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