Scenic Route Ryfylke

A 270 km long roundtrip of contrasts


Oanes – Håra


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Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke is 267 km long and travels between Oanes at Lysefjorden and Håra. At the southern part of the stretch are two ferry crossings: Lauvik-Oanes and Hjelmeland-Nesvik. From Lovra in Suldal the tourist route splits into two sections.

One section travels across the Sandsfjord Bridge to Sauda (road 46/520) with a short detour to Ropeid. The other section continues north (road 13) with a small detour to Høse Bridge at Sand, before it continues up Suldalslågen and Brattlandsdalen where the road sections meet at Håra — creating a round trip. Sections of the road, particularly over the mountain to Røldal, are narrow with a number of bends, which makes it even more interesting for motorcyclists. This part is just fantastic on two wheels and one of my favorite roads in Norway!

If you would like more information about the ferries, you can check the timetable from Norled here.


The Scenic Route Ryfylke is said to be a road of contrasts. You will encounter steep mountain sides, deep fjords, high mountains and lush hillsides. In some sections, you might even wonder why they decided to build the road exactly there.
Make sure to stop at Svandalfossen and cross the bridge to feel the forces of the river and waterfall. Sometimes the water runs so high that the police must direct cars one at a time through the mist of spray that covers the road. It is quite an exotic experience — or a wet one if you are on two wheels.


All in all, Ryfylke offers not only a varied stretch of road, but also experiences along the way. You can go salmon fishing safari, do rafting, visit Allmannajuvet zink mines or the sweet little village Sand. You can also stop and study the industry history in Sauda and realize how energy demanding industries have shaped the development of both infra- and social structure in these remote places. Industry is also the reason for the location of the road over Saudafjellet. This became the shortest and fastest road towards the East.

Worth being aware of, is the proximity to other great locations when you are in this area. In Lysefjorden, Kjæragbolten (Kjærag boulder) and Prekestolen (pulpit rock), are great hiking destinations, but you will need time to hike there. Also near Sauda, Sherpas from Nepal have built solid stone steps to facilitate the walk to Hovlandsnuten.

Winter notice: The road from Helandsbygd to Røldal is normally closed in the winter in November and reopens in June.

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