Union Hotel, Øye

A stunning hotel, fit for Kings and Queens


Norangsdal 41, Norangsfjorden


62.192945434757, 6.6594076977629


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At Øye in the beautiful fjord Nordangsfjorden, you’ll find Union Hotel. Here it is easy to picture the golden times. When travelling meant introspective discovery, long days of reading and hiking adventures in tweed. It has been a place where visitors come to enjoy the good life and the tranquillity in magnificent surroundings since 1891.


As you take in the ambience, you will be amazed by the historical facts surrounding each of the individually designed rooms. They are all named after the notables who have stayed there; famous writers, mountaineers, artists and royals. You can enjoy a meal in the beautiful dining room and listen to old exciting stories from other eras, shared by the fireplace after dinner.

Union hotel was drawn by the architect Christian Thams. He was also responsible for the “Norwegian Building” that was sent as Norway’s contribution to the Chicago World Fair in 1893.

In the area

If you are stopping for a night or just a cup of coffee, make sure to also stop in the picturesque valley Nordangsdalen. Here you can study the underwater remains of a summer mountain pasture. The lake, that has submerged the pasture, was created by a huge avalanche blocking the valley and the river.
Further up the valley from Øye you’ll find some other summer mountain pastures that are well worth a photo/Instagram stop.

Youtube video: 62°Nord

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