Nature's own work - over thusands of years


Oppedal vest side of Vågsøy


61.9700737, 5.0679951

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Over thousands of years, ocean waves have ground the rock to the shape Kannesteinen has today. It is located in the village of Oppedal, approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) west of the center of Måløy.

Every year many visitors come to Oppedal to take a closer look at the stone. The Kannestein or Kanne Stone was formed by loose stones and the pounding of the waves over a period of thousands of years, and stands today as a 3,5 metres high, narrow-footed rock.

This is caused by stones having split loose, which have knocked and gnawed at the rockface until they have become polished and rounded. Loose stones have then worked themselves deeper into the rock. New stones have come, and in time the potholes have become deeper and wider. Several potholes near to each other have been polished for so long that the sides have been rubbed away, leaving just the middle section, such as the Kanne Stone.

Kannesteinen is easy accessable and from the parking there is a path all the way down to the stone.


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