A knight jumped across - with a girl in his arms




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The knight’s leap (Ridderspranget) is a gorge in the river Sjoa. It is formed by the river having gnawed into the bedrock, so the erosion has only taken place in the riverbed.

The gorge is named after a legend from the 14th century. It says that the king’s advisor, Sigvat Leirholar, received a letter from a beautiful girl who was to marry knight Eldjarn. The girl did not want to get married, and Sigvat decided to set her free. He rode to Eldjarn’s farm and picked up the girl. Eldjarn chased after them, but had to give up when Sigvat, with the girl in his arms, jumped over the river Sjoa — namely the Knight’s Leap.

How to get to Ridderspranget

A visit to The Knight’s Leap is a nice stop if you are doing the Norwegian Scenic Route Valdresflye.
Exit Road 51 and continue about 1 km down the road towards Ridderspranget. After parking, there is a short walk on a trail.
Even if there is a rail at the gorge, be careful — especially if it’s wet and slippery. 


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