Allmannajuvet - The-coMmon-man's-gorge


Near Sauda


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If you are riding Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke (the north-western part along road 520) – which is one of my favourite routes – you have to stop at the old zinc mine at Allmannajuvet. In fact, this part of the Norwegian Scenic Routes Ryfylke has several interesting stops. Make sure to check out the page describing the whole route before you head out.

Allmannajuvet (“common-man’s-gorge”) is a preserved zinc mine that was operational for 18 years between 1881 and 1899.

Hydroelectric forerunner

The mining operations employed close to 200 persons and it was an enough to keep the small village alive. The zinc ore was exported by ships heading abroad from Sauda. The operation was also a forerunner of subsequent hydroelectric development and industrialisation in Sauda. The hydroelectric plant was among the first in Norway, and might get a page on this site by itself someday… So far I have only visited the mine…

Modern museum

As the same time as Ryfylke was elected as one of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes, the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor designed new facilities at Allmannajuvet gorge. He drew an exhibition gallery which shows the history of the mines. It is modern, but at the same time comparable with the old building. There is also a café and service facility, and – of course – a parking lot for visitors.

Walk the path

If you want to reach the entrance of the mine, a spectacular road has been constructed along the wild river. Even if the museum is closed or you don’t want to pay for entrance, this path is always open, and you should do this short 500 meters walk. It is spectacular and well wort your time.

In the area

If you decide to do the Scenic Route Ryfylke, you should also consider visiting Røldal stave church and the short but memorable Dyrskar tourist road. In the north you are not too far from Scenic Route Hardanger, and in the south, Lysebotn is an experience you don’t want to miss!

Youtube-video by “Vestlandet

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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