Dyrskar turistveg

Old turist road replaced by Haukeli tunnel


Dyrskar Tourist Road


59.835132486428, 7.0267147856751

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Dyrskar tourist road is a part of the old road E134 going east – west between Drammen and Haugesund. The part that is kept and maintained (10,7 km long) was the most challenging part of this mountain road, hence the Haukeli tunnel was built in 1968 – and the old tourist road passes 60 meters above it. Except from the stretch where the new tunnel road whould have been out in the open if they didn’t cover it with a cement roof/ceiling as you can see in the midle of the picture.

On this short but memorable road, you can also see the old Dyrskar tunnel – aslo shown in the picture. This tunnel is one of the oldest in Norway, and was in use between 1900 and 1919.

Dyrskar tourist road is only open in the summer months, and if you come early, you can get some stunning photos of meters high snow walls along the road.


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