27 breathtaking hairpins


Tonstad – Lysebotn


59.0552917179, 6.6641810272859


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The popular tourist road Lysevegen in Ryfylke has 27 hairpins from the mountain and down to Lysebotn. Lysevegen goes from Lysebotn in Lysefjorden, to Sirdal. The road is close to 80 km long.

The road was built as a works road during the building of the Tjodan hydroelectric power station and was officially opened in 1984. Prior to that, boats were the only regular means of communication with the outside world for people in Lysebotn.

From Lysebotn, the road first passes through a 1,100-metre tunnel before continuing up the mountain round a series of 27 hairpin bends. At the top of the ascent (640 metres) lies the Øygardstøl panorama restaurant and the car park for the walk up to Kjerag.

The highest point on the road is by Andersvatn lake, 950 metres above sea level.

The road is open during the period May to October/November (depending on snow conditions). The Lysevegen is connected to the well-known Suleskar road from Telemark via Setesdal and Sirdal to Stavanger. 


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