Scenic Route Hardanger

Bloooming fruit, fjord, waterfalls and mountains


Granvin – Låtefoss


60.336020212361, 6.2648283042465

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Norwegian Scenic Route Hardanger consists of four stretches: Granvin – Steinsdalsfossen (Road 79/49), Norheimsund – Tørvikbygd (Road 49), Jondal – Utne, and Kinsarvik (Road 550) – Låtefoss (Road 13), a total distance of 165 km.

A ferry operates from Tørvikbygd – Jondal and from Kinsarvik – Utne – Kvandal. These roads are open for traffic throughout the year.

It’s no secret that Hardanger is like a picture postcard, and almost everywhere you look you will feast your eyes on ‘postcard’ waterfalls or fruit trees in bloom. Everything you’ve ever heard about Hardanger is true. Dramatic roads run through dramatic scenery and there is a wealth of variation to absorb.
Here the experience is in the drive. The perfect holiday would be to drive in springtime at the height of the fruit blossoming season, stop to fish in the fjord and then return when fruit picking is underway in late summer.

Large waterfalls surrounding Hardanger: Steinsdalsfossen, Vøringsfossen, Skjervefossen, Låtefoss and Furebergfossen. All unique, so check them out.


Fruit has been grown in Hardanger since the 14th century, and boat building and the quarrying industry have been vital for the local community. Not all roads in the area have retained their former importance and new and more modern alternatives have been built, but as scenic routes the old roads are as attractive and eminent as at any time. But speaking of newer roads; in 2013, the 1380 meter long Hardanger Bridge opned. It’s not part of the Scenic Route, but hey, if you are in the area anyway…?


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