Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen

From fjords & twisties to high mountain view


Geiranger to Trollstigen (Road 63)


62.333067996762, 7.5307639055859

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Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger-Trollstigen runs from Langvatnet to Strynefjellet and Sogge Bru in Romsdalen, a total distance of 104 km (Road 63). On part of this stretch you must take a ferry from Eidsdal to Linge. If you want to experience a fjord cruise, you should include the ferry route between Geiranger and Hellesylt, as part of a round trip of the World Heritage area (UNESCO), or as part of the stretch from Geiranger to Trollstigen. On the very same day you can experience the best that both fjords and mountains can offer.

There are restrictions on the length of buses on this section and the maximum length is 13.1 metres.

Winter Closed: Parts of the Norwegian Scenic Route Geiranger – Trollstigen are closed during the winter season. The stretch from Langvatnet-Geiranger is usually closed in November and reopens in May. Trollstigen is usually closed in October and reopens in May.
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Check out on this route:

  • Dalsnibba
  • Flydalsjuvet
  • Geiranger
  • Ørnesvingen
  • Gudmundsjuvet
  • Trollstigen

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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