The Street of Colors

The mosts colorful street in Norway


Øvre Holmegate


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Øvre Holmgate in Stavanger is an interesting and unique street called ‘Fargegata’ in Norwegian (The street of color). Through a project called “Collaboration for the city center”, the hairdresser Tom Kjørsvik suggested to do something with the rather dull and boring street. Øvre Holmgate was indeed a dead street without many customers and without any life. It was in fact for the shop owners that couldn’t afford anything elsewhere in the center.

Kjørvik worked with the building owners for 4,5 years, but they were not convinced that color would change anything. Man, were they wrong! In 2005 Kjørsvik, with help from the artist Craig Flannagan, finally managed to get approval for a color scheme for all the buildings. The same year, the street was closed for traffic and everything changed!

Soon the street became one of the most lively in Stavanger. It’s for sure one of the main tourist attractions, and many also claim it is the main reason for the increasing financial turnover in the center.

Today you’ll find a vibrant street with niche shopping, pubs, hairdressers, barber shops — and even a sewing machine shop. A truly Instagram friendly street worth a visit if you are in Stavanger!

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