Storelgen (The Big Elk)

Once the world's tallest sculpture of a moose


Atna, Storelvdal, Hedmark


61.66777803152, 10.884166648912

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Storelgen – in English Big Elk or Big Silver Moose as it is also called, is the world’s second-tallest sculpture of a moose. The statue stands proud near the village of Atna in Stor-Elvdal in Hedmark county. It held the title of the tallest moose sculpture for 4 years. From its completion in 2015 until 2019.

Made in China

The sculpture is created by the Norwegian artist Linda Bakke. It was officially unveiled on 15 October 2015, and you can find it right next to national Road 3 just south of Atna. The statue is encouraging drivers to take a break and be aware of the wildlife. Stor-Elvdal has Norway’s third-highest moose population, so the chances of meeting on the road is quite high.

The project started in 2009. The building and installation of the sculpture took around six months. It was produced in Beijing, as a Chinese bidder had the best offer both in terms of price and quality. It is made of polished stainless steel. The height is impressive 10.3 meters (34 ft), and at the time of its completion in 2015, it was about 50 centimeters (20 in) taller than Mac the Moose in Canada. 

– Don’t mess with Mac

The mayor of Moose Jaw, where Mac the Moose stands, told the BBC News: ‘We are mannerly and respectful, but there are things you just don’t do to Canadians. You don’t mess with Mac the Moose.’

A popular suggestion, was to make Mac’s antlers larger, while others have suggested adding a pair of stilettos. In October 2019, a new set of antlers were added to Mac, making it taller than the Big Elk.

Anyway, Storelgen is an impressive sight and great for a selfie or a place to pose with your vehicle. Make sure to stop if you are in the area.
Nearby sites, are the giant gorge Jutulhogget, Flåklypa in Alvdal, or if on an adventure bike; the mountain road and top of Tronfjell.

Video by Norway2Film

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