One of the largest gorges in Northern Europe




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Jutulhogget gorge is, with it’s 2.4 km’s length, the 2nd largest gorge in Norther Europe. It was shaped during the last Ice Age more than 10,000 years ago, but according to the saga, it’s made by the large troll Rendalsjutulen. 🙂 🧌

Fight of giants

The saga says that the troll Rendalsjutulen needed water in his valley. He started to dig out the gorge with his huge axe to lead the water from the river Glomma in Østerdalen, to his own parallel valley, Rendalen. The neighbour troll on the Glomma side – Glomdalsjutulen – wouldn’t hear of it. Apparently he killed Rendalsjutulen before he finished the gorge all the way to Glomma.

Mega flood

Recent science has concluded that the gorge was created in a very short time span. In the last Ice Age, 10,400 years ago, a huge lake – 4 times the size of Mjøsa (Norway’s largest lake today) was located here. The lake – later named Nedre Glomsjø – was held in place by a wall of ice. When parts of the ice broke, a 90-meter-high mega flood crashed down the valley, creating death and disaster for the first inhabitants in this part of the country. When passing Elverum, calculations show that more than 1 million m2 of water passed per second (!!!). To compare, Glomma has an average of 705,000 m2 water per second, so imagine the release of something more than 10 times lager…
Due to a softer type of stone between Østerdalen and Rendalen, the gorge was quickly dug out and this strange geological phenomenon is now the only visible remains of the huge lake, and it’s sudden disappearing.

View point

The gorge goes east-west and is available from both sides. Coming from the west on road RV3, the view point is on the east side of the road, 20 minutes south of Alvdal or 30 minutes north of Atna. The exit from road RV3 is marked with a sign, and before embarking on 300 meters of gravel, you’ll see the troll at the enterence. After 150 meter, take right at the junktion, and after another 100 meters you’ll see the sign and the parking for the view point.

From the east side, you can access Jutulhogget from road FV30 in Tylldalen.

There is a steep, narrow path down to the bottom of the gorge from the view point. If you go down, you also need to climb up the same way, as there are no other exits. Be aware of sliding stones and rocks from people higher up than yourself…

The width of the gorge varies from 150 meters to 500 meters. The highest walls are 250 meters high.

Things to see near Jutulhogget

If cruising in the area, make sure to stop at the Big Elk near Atna, FlĂĽklypa, or if on an adventure bike; the mountain road and top of Tronfjell.

YouTube video: Tor Fodstad

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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