Ringebu Stave Church

The only stave church along the Pilgrimage route


Vekkomsvegen 433, 2630 Ringebu


61.509411769132, 10.172838488478

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Ringebu Stave Church in Gudbrandsdalen north of Lillehammer was built around 1220. In 1630, after the Lutheran Reformation, the church was rebuilt. The special red tower was completed in 1631. During the rebuilding the old transept, gallery and apse were removed. The ceiling was also lowered. The church was painted for the first time in 1717 and was at one point completely white. In 1921 the church was renovated and the original colors were brought back.

During archeaological excavations in the period 1980-81 many remnants were found. Especially many Norwegian and English coins from the Middle Ages. The excavations also showed that the stave church was built upon the same location as another church stood during the 12th century. Remnants of coffins also showed that several people were buried beneath the church. Among them Baroness Sophie Amalie Rosenkrantz from the Barony of Rosendal and the German Lieutenant Colonel Poul Friedrich Von Dresky from Opland Regiment.

Along the pilgrimage route

Ringebu stave church is situated in magnificent nature and with a good view over Gudbrandsdalen. This is the only stave church along the pilgrimage route to Trondheim, in a historic area with many protected buildings and living cultural monuments.

The stave church is a key destination for pilgrims walking along the Oslo–Nidaros route, and many use the stave church as a starting point. The church is also the parish church for Ringebu and is in daily use.

In the area

If visiting Ringebu stave church, you should also make a stop at the nearby Fåvang church. It is not considered on of the 28 remaining, authentic stave churches in Norway, but you’ll find it on my replica list since the church is built from old stave church materials. From Ringebu its not far to the great Trans Euro Trail section 1, nor the paved road Friisvegen with a view towards Dovre. If you are going north, check out Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane.

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