Rollag Stave Church

One of four stave churches along road 40


Fv107 10, 3626 Rollag


60.0210427, 9.27343

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Rollag Stave Church was probably built in second half of the 12th century, but it was first mentioned in written sources in 1425. The church is decorated with a mixture of artistic expressions from a series of periods from the early Middle Ages.

The church has been remodeled several times with not much left of the original building. Originally, the church had been a simple church with a rectangular nave. It was first rebuilt around 1660 into a cruciform church. A new apse was later added in 1666. This choir was replaced and enlarged in 1670, and the transept was constructed in 1697–1698. A gallery was then added in 1702. The sacristy was rebuilt in 1739. Around 1760, an additional lining wall was placed on top of the structure and the church was extended to the west. finally, a Baroque pulpit was added in 1763.

Architect and art historian Herman Major Schirmer conducted surveys of Rollag Stave Church in 1911 while he chaired the National Trust of Norway (Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments). Rollag Stave Church again underwent restoration work in 1932.

In the area

Rollag Stave church is one of four (!) stave churches you ca admire along Road 40. The road is a fantastic ride through Numedalen and I would easily recommend the road even if the churches was not there! It is less traffic than on Road 7 going the same direction, so why not try something new next time. The other churches on this stretch, is Flesberg, Nore and Uvdal stave churces.

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