Follows the old live stock mountain track


Old live stock mountain track


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Slådalsvegen is a 32 km long winter closed gravel road between Lesja and Vågåmo. The road follows the old track used by the live stock towards the shieling in the mountains. From the mountain plateau, you have a great view towards Doverfjell in Rondane National part to the east. The highest point is 1180 meters above sea level.

Slådalsvegen normally opens the first Monday after May 17, but might of course vary depending on the amount of snow during the winter. The toll is 100,- NOK – also for motorcycles, and you have to pay by card.

There are several reasons to slow down and cruise the mountain in a slow pace; there is live stock everywhere, the road is used by bicyclist and mobile home owners – and lastly, you should enjoy the view and nature!

Along the route you might be lucky and stumble upon a shieling that is serving simple farmer’s food. In that case; stop for lunch! 🙂

Even if the road is a gravel road, it’s hard gravel and manageable for almost any kind of motorcycles. This is not Adventure bikes exclusive! When the main road E6 was closed due to a landslide some years back, all traffic was re-routed along Slådalsvegen.

While in the area, you could also stop at Lom stave church or maybe attempt the gravel route Trans Euro Trail (TET) section 1 or section 2.

YouTube video by Sven Olsen

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