Veien Cultural Heritage Park

A glimpse into Norway's early Iron Age


Ringveien 112, Hønefoss


60.170338845148, 10.22717000185


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Veien Cultural Heritage Park, also known as Hringariki Kulturminnepark, is a captivating historical site situated at Hønefoss, in the province of Buskerud, Norway. The park offers a fascinating journey into the cultural history of this Nordic country, providing visitors with insights into its ancient past and Norway’s early Iron Age.

What to see

Burial Grounds: Explore one of Eastern Norway’s largest burial grounds, consisting of over 100 burial mounds. These mounds date back to the Early Iron Age and hold significant historical value.

Reconstructed Longhouse: Step into the past with a visit to the reconstructed longhouse within the park. This longhouse provides a glimpse of how people lived during ancient times. Imagine the crackling of fires, the scent of wood, and the communal gatherings that took place within its walls.

Archaeological Museum: Veien Cultural Heritage Park houses an archaeological museum where changing exhibitions shed light on various aspects of cultural heritage. Delve into artifacts, stories, and discoveries that connect us to our ancestors.

Café: After your exploration, take a moment to relax at the park’s small café. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while reflecting on the history that surrounds you.

Historical Significance

For 1500 years, ‘Veien’ served as a sacred meeting ground where priestesses worshiped ancient gods, and kings ruled from their great halls. The echoes of the past resonate through the burial mounds, the reconstructed longhouse, and the artifacts displayed in the museum.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an archaeology buff, or simply curious about Norway’s past, Veien Cultural Heritage Park promises an enriching experience. Come explore the mysteries of ancient times and connect with the Viking forefathers who once walked these grounds.

In the area

If already in Hønefoss, why not ride the beautiful route around Tyrifjorden – which is not a fjord but a lake. And if you do, make sure to stop at Utøya memorial


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