Nes church ruin

Built on a pre-cristian, haunted place of sacrifice


A peninsula near Vormsund


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Nes Church Ruin is located on a peninsula near Vormsund, where the rivers Vorma and Glomma meet in Nes Municipality. The place is perfect for a photo shoot or picnic, and is by many used for concerts or other cultural events. But be aware; it’s said to be haunted!

A place of sacrifice

The church was originally constructed in Romanesque style using stone. It was likely built in the first half or around the middle of the 12th century. However, it underwent several expansions and modifications over time. The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage (Riksantikvaren) suggests that the original church site may have been a pre-Christian place of sacrifice. There might have even been a wooden church there in the 11th century, before the stone church was erected. The original church consisted of a narrow nave and an apse. Remnants of which can still be seen in the ground.

According to Wikipedia, the choir was in the 13th century expanded into a rectangular shape, slightly narrower than the nave. Later, during the 14th century, further extensions transformed the church into a rectangular long church. Unfortunately, the church was set on fire during the war with Sweden in 1567, but it was later rebuilt. In 1697, the church was reconstructed into a cruciform church, with inspiration drawn from the church “Vår Frelsers kirke” in Oslo.

Burned down – again

Tragically, Nes Church burned down again in 1854 after being struck by lightning. It was never rebuilt due to landslide risks at its original location. Some of the church’s original furnishings were saved during the fire and are now housed in the newer and nearby Nes Church, built in 1860. These treasures include a masterful German Baroque altarpiece from 1661, a baptismal font from the 12th century, and other valuable artifacts.


Spooky tales of supernatural occurrences have for a long time circulated within these ancient ruins. Many visitors have reported paranormal phenomena, and there is even a sign outside the ruins that reads “Spiritual Activity.” 😀

Legend has it that a priest once took his own life inside the church and a tragic story tells of a newlywed couple who drowned in the river just below the ruins. Visitors share stories of mysterious forces that seem to weigh them down, as if moving through water. Flashlights fail, car electronics misbehave and shadows are seen on the walls.

In the area

Not too far from Nes church ruin, you can enjoy the outdoor museum Gullverket at Eidsvoll, or enjoy the best curvy road in the area, Minneåsvegen.

Youtube video by Jonna Harding

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