Ådalsbruk Motor Museum

Sold his house and cabin to build museum


Adalsbrukvegen 352, 2345 Ådalsbruk


60.793520526177, 11.308059064852


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Ådalsbruk Motor Museum is a fascinating gem for motor enthusiasts, housing over eighty vehicles on two wheels! In addition to the 80+ two-wheelers, the collection contains 40 vintage cars – the oldest dating back to 1923.

Sold his house!

The museum is situated in Ådalsbruk in Innlandet county. It’s not far from Hamar city and it is 100% private owned by Bjørn Monsbakken. He has been collecting and refurbishing old vehicles for more than 30 years. But they have always been stored in old barns and warehouses around his home. In 2020 he sold his house and cabin to buy the old gas station from 1949 and meticulously restored to its authentic 1960s style BP gas station. The attention to detail ensures visitors step back in time as they explore the exhibits.

More than wheels

Beyond motor vehicles, the museum boasts an eclectic mix of rarities. You will find old radios, Baby carriages, Model cars, Sewing machines, Cream separators, wood-fired water heater, model railway and a fully furnished old-fashioned general store.

Whether you’re a motor enthusiast, history buff, or simply curious, Ådalsbruk Motor Museum promises an unforgettable journey through time and mechanical marvels. 🚗🏍️

In the area

If you are heading towards Ådalsbruk, why not stop and have a look at the sculpture “Seeding” along road E6. If coming from south, you can pay a visit to the outdoor museum at Gullverket in Eidsvoll. Coming from north, you ca stop at Garmo stave church or the fantastic outdoor museum Maihaugen.

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