The mammoth

The highest number of mammoth finds in Norway


Fåvang, near road E6


61.453370376025, 10.188348435636

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Mammuten (the Mammoth) is a double-sized replica of a mammoth skull located along road E6 in Fåvang, Norway. It is an impressive, shiny metal sculpture by the Norwegian artist Linda Bakke.

The sculpture is meticulously crafted to be twice the actual size and is partially buried and positioned near the water’s edge. The Gudbrandsdalen region in Norway is remarkable for its mammoth discoveries, and Fåvang has the highest number of registered mammoth finds in the country. The gravel deposits where the sculpture stands were formed by a massive glacial river.

You can find the Mammoth near Badedammen, not far from to the exit from E6 to Fåvang center. If you’re visiting, there’s parking available at Badedammen.

Linda Bakke

The sculpture is made from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel. It consists of numerous smaller pieces that were carefully shaped, welded, polished, and assembled. The artist behind this remarkable creation is Linda Bakke, born in 1973. She specializes in site-specific public art projects that are visually striking and often infused with mythical, historical, or imaginative content. Her work connects to local identity and history while reflecting the unique character of the towns where her sculptures are placed.

Next time you’re on the E6, keep an eye out for this captivating mammoth skull sculpture—it’s a testament to both artistic creativity and the ancient past! 🦣

In the area

If you find the Mammoth intriguing, Linda Bakke has more in stock for you in the area! Near Hamar – also along road E6 – you can find ‘Seeding‘ (also nicknamed the sperm cell:-)). In Østerdalen, along road 3, you’ll find the world famous “Big elk/silver moose” – once the highest moose sculpture in world (cool story-alert).
If passing from south, you should also pay Maihaugen – an outdoor museum at Lillehammer – a visit. Or why not stop at Ringebu stave church a bit further north? If coming from east, ride Friisvegen, maybe in combination with the gravel road Vinjevegen.

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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