No seer eg atter slike Fjell og Dalar...


From Koppang to Friisvegen

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Vinjevegen is an old, gravel mountain road that stretches approx. 30 km from Koppang on road Rv3 near Nordstumoen to Friisvegen in Ringebu. The road is named after Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. He traveled this route to Trondheim to participate in the coronation of King Karl IV on August 5, 1860. 

The road was originally just called “Fjellvegen” (Mountain Road), but the name was changed to Vinjevegen in 1960 when the Vinje bauta was erected to commemorate the 100th anniversary of A. O. Vinje. The Vinje bauta stands at the highest point on the road (925 m.a.s.l.).

Vinje is considered the first modern journalist in Norway, but was also an author, poet and later editor. His journey towards Trondheim is vividly described in his book ‘Ferdaminne‘. In the book, he writes about the origin of his famous song “No seer eg atter slike Fjell og Dalar” – a song that came to him when he got his first glimpse of the distant mountains on this road.

Panoramic view

In lower altitude you ride through spruce and pine forest that put you in a good mood simply because you ride on gravel. 🙂 As you get higher and approach the tree line, you find yourself in a majestic mountain area. At Vinjes bauta you have a good view to the mountain Sølenkletten (1827m) in the north-west. In the north-east you can see Rendalssølen (1755m), and in the north, the Rondane massif.

In 1914 the road was completed all the way through to Hirkjølvegen (now Friisvegen). Vijevegen is a tollroad, so you have to pay 100,- NOK by card. The road is partly closed during winter, but you can find info about when it opens here.

In the area

Depending on your direction, you will either start from, or end up on the paved moutain road Friisvegen. Why not make a round trip? If you go west towards Ringebu, you should make a stop at Ringebu stave church. Regardless of direction, you should also make a stop at the giant statue Storelgen near Atna and the huge gorge Jutulhogget.

Youtube video by Fix Travel (PS!! Paved part in video is from Friisvegen)

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