The Silver Road

The first public Road in Norway


Hokksund – Konsberg silvermine


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The 400-year-old Silver Road (Sølvveien) is the first public road in Norway made for vehicles. It was built in the 1620s to facilitate transportation of goods to the silver mines in Kongsberg. The road was soon prolonged to Christiania (Oslo), but this route covers the original road. The lenght is approx. 30 km.

From the Hokksund area, you can still follow large parts of the stretch. It starts on FV2758 past Fiskum church and then continues on FV2757 towards Kongsberg. Along the way, you will also pass the oldest stone arch bridge in Norway. Smedbrua in Buskerud has an impressive width of 4 meters and the arch is 8.6 meter long.

The Silver Road is not on my bucket list because it is spectacular, epic, or particularly beautiful. It’s on my list because of its history – and because I have a hang to roads with a name…:-)

If you are riding this route, why not combine it with a visit to the Silver mines in Kongsberg in one end of the route, and Spiraltoppen in Drammen in the other?


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