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Skeikampen – Skåbu


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The beautiful nature and traditional culture of Gudbrandsdalen have been a source of inspiration to several artists. The myths and stories hold everything from trolls to historical persons, like the local Per Gynt. The same character that inspired Henrik Ibsen when he wrote his world famous masterpiece, Peer Gynt.

This gravel mountain road is approx. 60 km long, passing through some of Norway’s most beautiful mountains and is the main mountain road through the Gudbrandsdal valley, leading you straight into the realm of Peer Gynt.

The road is devided in two toll sections;
Skeikampen – Gålå
Fefor – Dalseter
You pay with credit card on both.

Skei is situated at the southern end of the Peer Gynt Mountain Road and is a tourist town with lots to do and see, only about half an hour’s drive from Lillehammer. Skei is prominent by the dominant Skeikampen mountain (1,123 m. above sea level).

The road takes you further into the realm of Peer Gynt, passing Nisjuvatna, Dørdalen, Dørdalsknappen (1126 m.a.s.l.) and are approaching Fagerhøi. A magnificent view of the Jotunheimen to the west and the Rondane mountains to the east. Straight ahead are the mountains of Ruten and Heidalsmuen.
At Fagerhøi there are numerous places to go fishing, hiking and biking. On the way to Gålå you pass the viewpoint of Listulhøgda(1053 m.a.s.l.) which is the highest point of the road.

There are many things to do and see in Gålå, for example the Solbrå Seter (alpine pasture farm) Museum where the famous Gudbrandsdal cheese was first made in 1863.
At the beginning of August, a performance of Henrik Ibsen’s «Peer Gynt» with music by Grieg is arranged at the outdoor arena by Gålåvatn lake.
On the way to the Espedalen valley, you pass the Hattdal valley and the Rutenfjell mountains (1,517 m. above sea level).

Espedalen – the friendly wilderness with unique flora and an exciting cultural past with remains from the mining operations started here in the 17th century. Here you will also find «Helvete» (Hell) potholes.

You can drive to Skåbu from Espedalen and carry on to the Jotunheimen road (toll road) to Bygdin. In Skåbu you find a crafts outlet. A local history exhibition is located at Skåbutunet. Skåbu church. Shop and petrol station. From Skåbu, you can drive to Vinstra, Harpefoss or follow the Rv 255 road down to Gausdal and Lillehammer. A recommendation is a visit to Karoline and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons home, Aulestad, in Follebu.

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