A wildernes road named after author and professor Friis


East-West between Ringebu and Atna

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Road Fv.385, also known as Friisvegen, stretches between Bø in Ringebu and Atna in Stor-Elvdal. This scenic road is approx. 50 km long and connects the two valleys Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. The highest point on the route is 1158 masl.

As a motorcyclist, Friisvegen offers an exhilarating and scenic ride through the heart of Norway. It winds its way through the Ringebufjellet region, while treating riders with soft and lazy curves. The elevation changes provide stunning views as you climb higher into the mountains.


The road offers panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness – lush forests, serene lakes, and perhaps catch glimpses of wildlife. Keep an eye out for reindeer, which roam freely in this area since they might cross the road unexpectedly. Respect the natural habitat and enjoy the chance to see these majestic creatures. Keep your camera handy because there are plenty of photo spots along the way.

Road quality varies

The road surface varies. Some sections are well-maintained asphalt, while others not so much. Be prepared for potholes and frost heaving (telehiv). As with any mountain road, be cautious of loose gravel in corners, especially after winter.

Winter closed

Friisvegen is open during the summer months, typically from early June to late October. Check here!  Even in summer, weather conditions can change rapidly at higher elevations. Unlike major highways, Friisvegen sees less traffic. You’ll likely encounter fellow motorcyclists, cyclists, and the occasional car during the passing. Enjoy the sense of solitude as you ride through the wild landscapes.
Friisvegen Mountain Lodge serves as a great pit stop – especially if you come from East since you are now approaching the descent to Ringebu. Grab a meal and have a rest, while soaking in the mountain atmosphere.

Jens Andreas Friis

The road is named after the author and professor Jens Andreas Friis (1821-1896). Friis was a Norwegian linguist and author and is considered one of the founders of Sami linguistics. In 1878 Friis built a stone cabin next to the highest point on the route, and the road was later named after him.

In the area

If you are riding Friisvegen, there are some attractions in the area you should check out:
Vinjevegen is a detour you should check out, or even include in a round trip. Close to Etna on the Eastern side of Friisvegen, Vinjevegen is a gravel toll road heading south to Koppang. The road is about 30 km long.  
Storelgen (the big elk) is an majestic sculpture made by the Norwegian artist Linda Bakke. It was once the tallest elk sculpture in the world, and has an interesting story… You’ll find it just south of Etna along road Rv.3.
Jutulhogget is an impressive gorge, in fact the second largest in Northern Europe. You’ll find a nice viewpoint on the Østerdalen/Etna side of Friisvegen – also along road Rv.3.
Ringebu stave church is located on the western side of Friisvegen, at Ringebu close to road E6. The church was built around 1220 and is the only stave church along the pilgrimage route to Trondheim.

Youtube video by Fix Travel (PS!! Gravel part in video is from Vinjevegen)

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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