Røste hyttetun & camping


Rørosveien 4025, Os i Østerdalen


62.504815678703, 11.260640687559


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Røste Hyttetun & Camping is located about 11 km south of Røros along road Fv30. All motorcyclists can park their bike in the garage and the owners warmly welcome all moto campers. If you are a member of Norway’s Motorcycle Union (NMCU), you also get a 10% discount!

According to their website, the camp offers:

Peaceful Family Park

“Our aim is to provide a peaceful family park in pleasant surroundings. The original farm was built around 1850, and your present-day hosts represent the fifth and sixth generations to live here. The first wooden cabins were constructed here in 1973. Today, we can offer 12 cabins, all insulated to tolerate winter conditions, in a variety of sizes and standards”.

Sanitary Facilities

“A pleasant building with large sanitary facilities is provided for your comfort.  There is a separate laundry with a washing machine and tumble dryer. There is also a kitchen in this building. We have a common sitting area / living area and a children’s playground”.

Wireless Internet

“There is good internet access in all the cabins and throughout the entire campsite. Collect your password at the reception”.


“We have approximately 30 pitches available with electrical hook-up points”.

Common Area

“The common living room can seat about 20 people and there is additional seating in the two shelters as well as around the barbecue”.


“We have camping cabins in a variety of sizes and fees. For individual descriptions see their website.”

Suggested routes to get there

On their page, they have also suggested some nice routes to the campsite regardless of where you come from:

If you come from the north, they recommend road Fv705 from Hell towards Brekken, further along road Fv561 on the north side of Aursunden. They recommend a stop at Langsvola, which is the highest point (about 920 meters above sea level) on the road between Stugudal and Aursunden, to enjoy the fantastic view of the mountains with Sylan in the east.

From the south, they recommend road Fv607 from Rena and along Storsjøen to Åkrestrømmen. From Åkrestrømmen you can take road Fv30 further to the camp site, or road Fv217 to Isterfossen, continue along road Fv26 to Sømådalen, before you finally take road Fv28 to the camp site.

From the west, they recommend road Fv27 over Venabufjellet from Ringebu to Atnadalen and north to Folldal. Feel free to stop at Solberg plass to enjoy the view towards Rondane. Follow road Fv29 to Alvdal. From Alvdal, follow road FV681 to Tynset, and from there along road Fv30 to the camp.

From the east, they recommend Kopparleden, which is the road from Røros to Falun. Follow road 70 from Falun to the national border. From there, follow road Fv218 to Drevsjø, then road Fv26 to Sømådalen and finally road Fv28 to the camp.

In the area

For those who are into gravel riding, there are several options using Røste Camping as a base.

The road up to the top of Tronfjellet is recommended. This is Norway’s second highest road open to vehicles. The top is 1666 meters above sea level. The gravel road starts at Alvdal at about 500 meters above sea level. The road is just under 15 km long. It is a toll road with a self-service toll box.

The road over Øversjødalsfjellet – from Narbuvoll to Øversjødalen – is also a nice road for riding gravel. It is about 17.5 km long and winds over the mountain with some steep hills and lots of turns. This is also a toll road with a self-service box.

Grådalsveien. The road goes from Hådalen (by Røros) to Tufsingdal. The road is about 23 km long. The road is between about 646 meters above sea level to about 780 meters above sea level. And consists of many turns. This is also a toll road with a self-service box.

Vangrøftdalsveien. The road goes from Dalsbygda and into Forolhogna National Park. It is about 17 km to Såttåhaugen from where the gravel road begins, but there are several side roads so the total length is several miles. The road winds through lush mountain valleys. This is a toll road with a self-service box.

The road from Dalsbygda to Vingelen over Langen goes in mountain valleys and is a toll road with a self-service box.


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