Verdens ende

Visit Færder National Park at "The World's End"


Tilting beacon at The World's End


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‘The World’s End’ (Verdens ende) is a popular tourist attraction on the southernmost tip of the island Tjøme in Færder municipality and National park. The photogenic tilting beacon is a reconstruction of a type of lighthouse that was more common in the 18th century, but this one is from 1934. On the end of the long pole, a metal basked holds the coal fire and becomes the lighthouse beacon.

Calling the place ‘The World’s End’ was of course an exaggeration created by the first tourists coming here in the beginning of the 1900s. The view over the outer part of Oslo fjord is spectacular, but the locals at the time; fishermen and whalers — which had been out on the big ocean’s and around the world, knew better. 🙂

But our World End is truly beautiful, and you have different things to do when you get there. You can go for a swim, hike the costal trails, climb the rocks on the islands, or visit the Færder National Park visitor centre. The centre has a restaurant, historical exhibits, and other necessary facilities. There is also an area for barbecuing. For motorcyclists, Verdens Ende is most enjoyable on a beautiful summer day, but it can also be an exciting place during a stormy afternoon.

To get here, you need approx. 30 minutes from the city of Tønsberg.


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