"Seeding" along E6

The Sperm cell you put on Instagram


Uthuskrysset, Stange, E6


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The remarkable sculpture “Seeding” (å så et frø) – by some locals nicknamed ‘the Sperm cell’ (sædcella) or tadpole (rumpetroll) is a refreshing, yet disputed piece of art along road E6 near Hamar. 🙂

The Norwegian Road Administration was first against placing any kind of art at this location – in sight from E6 at the junction Uthuskrysset in Stange municipality. They feared it would cause problems for the traffic since the commuter parking next to the sculpture is not dimensioned for people stopping to take photos. Some say the sculpture is vulgar. That it looks like a sperm cell or tadpole and they are afraid the municipality will become a laughing stock. On the other hand, the Mayor and Head of Culture in Stange back in 2019 loved it. “This will for sure put us on the map,” they said to NRK.

And it did – also on my map here at Bucket list Norway… 😛

Why a sperm cell?

Why put an 11,5 meter tall, shining sperm cell at display along E6, you might ask. Well, if you know the story and thought behind it, it start to make sense.
Let me start by telling you that the artist is Linda Bakke. She creates stunning ‘location art’ – of which I have put three on my list. The giant silver moose ‘Storelgen‘ along road E3 near Atna. This one also put Norway, Atna and Linda Bakke on the map (click the link and read the story). And lastly ‘Mammuten’ along E6 at Fåvang (coming here soon) – in addition to ‘Seeding’.

“Seeding” is made by the same shiny, polished, acid resistant steel as Storelgen and Mammuten. The statue is representing the fertile area of Stange, so the location and artistic expression is not accidental.

“Right here you exit the forest area and enter the ‘food tray’ and probably the richest agricultural area in Norway. That is the symbolism in the art work and that is an artistic expression that I find fantastic,” said Mayor Nils A. Røhne to NRK.

The sculpture might look like a sperm cell from afar, but given the name ‘Seeding’ and the fact that you up close ca see that it actually is a germinating seed, the nick name is not fair.
Anyhow; well worth a photo shoot for Insta or Facebook if you pass by on E6. And since you now know the story that goes along with it – I’m sure you will make a stop… 😀

Also look out for “Mammuten“, Bakke’s other giant sculpture 115 km – or 1,5 hour – further north along E6 at Fåvang.


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