Midgard Viking Center

Midgard - Bringing the Viking Age to life


Birkelyveien 9, 3184 Borre


59.384664299327, 10.466651835268


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At Midgard Viking Center (Midgard Vikingsenter) they want you not only to read and see , but also experience the Viking Age. Their goal is to bring the Viking Age to life for their visitors!

In Norway there are three major, important Viking findings. The Oseberg ship (Osebergskipet) from Tønsberg, Gokstad ship (Gokstadskipet) from Sandefjord Borge and the Borre burial mounds (Borrehaugene) in Horten.

The center is located with a great view towards the Borre mounds. They are northern Europe’s largest collection of monumental burial mounds from the Merovingian and Viking eras. The burial mounds in the Borre park are mentioned in “Snorre saga”, who claimed that kings were buried here!

Guild hall

The Guild hall (Gildehallen) is a reconstruction of a royal hall building from the Viking Age. At Borre, chieftains and great men have lived, here they are buried – and here they still rest… Midgard Viking Center also have guides and mediators. They will try to make your visit to the exhibitions, the mounds and Gildehallen an exciting look back at history.

Check their web site for opening hours and tickets, and explore the other Viking centres on my Bucket List.

YouTube video by Midgard Viking Center

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