The mountain pastures road that became turistic

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Grimsdalsvegen is an east-west gravel, mountain road with a length of approx. 40 km. The road runs just between Dovre and Rondane National Parks, and you have an excellent panoramic view of Jotunheimen National Park in the distance… That is, if you ride from east to west, from Folldal to Dombås.

Grimsdalsvegen was in use for horses and carts since 1827, but has been used as a walking path and for horses and livestock since the 1600s to reach the many summer mountain pastures in Grimsdalen. Many of these pastures are still standing and worth a photo stop.

Varied nature

From either side you start with a climb. Through cultural landscape and deciduous forest. When you pass the tree line, Grimsdalen opens up and becomes wider. You follow the beautiful river Grimsa, and there are plenty of great places for shorter and longer stops. You’ll find pick-nick tables for shorter lunch brakes and there are many places to pitch a tent and stay over night.

Where to camp

On the river bank close to Grimsdalshytta, there is a huge open area where trailers, RV’s and tent campers are equally welcome to wild camp.

If you prefer a roof over your head, check out DNT’s Grimsdalshytta. Grimsdalshytta is a lodge with 54 bunks, in two-bunk and four-bunk rooms, a larger room and a dormitory. It is staffed during Easter and in summer from mid June till mid September. During the rest of the year, they offer self-service lodging, available for DNT members.

Toll road

Grimsdalsvegen is an automated toll road. That means you will not face a closed gate, or a card reader, but your number plate will be photographed. Do not be tempted to pretend that big brother don’t see you…:-) They do. The fee for motorcycles are 50,- NOK and you can either buy the ticket in advance on their webpage, or at the latest, 24 hours after you pass. If you DON’T pay, you will be changed an additional 79,- NOK for the paper bill you will receive by mail.

In the area

If you ride to this part of the country to ride this gravel road, also pay attention the Trans Euro Trail (TET) section 2 and Norwegian Scenic Route Rondane. And if you go from East to West, you are not too far from Slådalsvegen, another great mountain gravel road.

YouTube video by Art3x Sergiusz Szopinski

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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