Glide through Jotunheimen national park


Bygdin – Skåbu


61.3824548, 9.1127635

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Jotunheimvegen is a 45 kilometres (28 mi) long gravel toll road through Jotunheimen national park. It’s only open in the summer, from the end of June until it starts to snow, generally in October.

The road goes between the lake Bygdin in west and Skåbu in East. It crosses the mountain plateau then approximately follows the northern shores of the lakes Sandvatnet and Vinstri.
Even if it is gravel, the road is easy and any bike can ride here. You will also meet live stock, so ride carefully.

The road was built in 1950, and soon became popular. Also among tourists visiting Norway. But it was costly to maintain it, since the spring flood destroyed parts of it every year. Up till 1987, it was in poor condition. Investments were made, and the road renewed. Today it is 100% financed from the toll paid by the travellers.

Each year approx. 10,000 cars passes the mountain road, and it is estimated that 25-30% of them are foreigners.

Jotunheimvegen is included in the Trans Euro Trail section 1, but if you think TET is too long, you can combine Jotunheimvegen with Peer Gynt vegen and make some kind of round trip.

As mentioned, the road is a toll road, but it’s free for motorcycles. Just pass the gate and smile:-)


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