The Viking Ship Museum

The most important Viking heritage findings in Norway


Huk Aveny 35, 0287 Oslo


59.9049448, 10.6844075

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The Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo is closed for renovation. I know, its a bummer, but I still think this museum have earned a spot on my list – even if it won’t re-open before 2026.

Why is this museum so special, you might ask? Well, Inside you’ll find the most significant and important Viking heritage findings in Norway. The ship graves from Oseberg, Gokstad, Tune and Borre.

For almost 100 years, the grave ships have taken in visitors from all over the world. And according to the museum’s webpage, it has been absolutely essential to build a new museum to secure the cultural heritage for future generations. 
The new museum will ensure optimal conditions for the objects. And at the same time give the public a unique encounter with the Viking Age. Hence the new name “The Viking Age Museum”.

If you want to see some of the objects from the Viking Ship Museum’s exhibition, many are temporary moved to Historical museum in Oslo. Check their webpage for details. You can also see videos, digital guided tours and 360 images of the ships on this page.

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