Høre stave church

Along the Kings road across Filefjell


Høre stavkirke, Hørevegen


61.1531733, 8.8048336

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Høre stave church, built in 1179 is located in Høre in Vang municipality 2 km from road E16. The year is confirmed both by runic writings in the church’s ceiling – and by dendrochronology.

To get to the church, you can make a quick 2 km detour from E16 and be back be on your way in 30 minutes. You can ride the much cooler road Hørevegen. This road is actually part of the old Kings Road between East and West of Norway. Parts of it is gravel and the view over the lake and the snow covered mountains in the background is spectacular.

The church was renewed and made bigger in the 1800s. It got a a new choir and bigger naves. Luckily, the original construction of the nave from the 12th century is kept as a skeleton inside.

According to stavechurch.com; “the entrance to the choir and the pulpit are on the other hand richly decorated. The entrance, which has the inscription “Fearing God and honouring the King”, is from 1828, but has also parts from the Middle Ages. The two portals have carved animal heads with vines and branches growing out.

The altarpiece, which is carved and painted by Tomas Tomasson Tørstad in 1800, is framed by carved flowers and foliage. It shows Christ on the cross flanked by Moses and Aron. The pulpit is probably made by the same artist. Except for a censer, there is nothing left of the original Middle Age inventory in the church.”

If you’re ‘collecting’ stave churches, make sure to also visit the nearby Lomen stave church, Hegge stave church and Øye stave church.

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