Kvernhusene at Leine

Cute mills in beautiful surroundings


The mill houses at Leine by Vangsmjøse


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The mill houses at Leine. Flour mills were first mentioned in legal documents in Valdres in 1334, but they are probably much older. Every farm in possession of a waterfall had its own mill. Grain milling usually took place in the spring and autumn. In 1729 there were 79 mills in the Vang area. In 1919 the number had been reduced to 16. During the 1930s, the mills were only used for grinding malt for the brewing of beer, and for milling grain for animal food. Grain for human food were moved to larger mills approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

All the farms in Vennis had their mills on the stream Leineani. The Sparstad mill was probably built before 1800. The other mills were either built or reconstructed after 1860 when a great
landslide ruined most of the houses in the Leine district.

The mill houses at Leine is a perfect stop if you are driving along the old Kings Road over Filefjell. Even if the road is gravel, it’s hard packed and any motorcycle can go there. Make it a detour while driving along E16 – from Øye to Lomen. Then you’re also passing – and can have a short stop to explore Høre stave church and Lomen stave church.


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