Nore Stave Church

One of four stave churches along road Fv40


Fv116 1, 3629 Nore


60.1645381, 9.0101886

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Nore Stave Church (Nore stavkyrkje) is located at Nore in Nore og Uvdal kommune in Viken county.

Dendrochronological dating of wood samples indicate that Nore stave church was built after 1167. The church was built with galleries, a chancel and cross naves – an architectural style that was unique in Europe during the Middle Ages. This style has later come to be known as Nummedals-type. Decorations are from different periods. Nore is decorated with tendril and animal carvings. Animal characters featured include dragons and lions.

Remodeled several times

The church has a central mast that was originally the support for a tower, most likely containing church bells. The walls and ceiling of the interior are decorated with murals, among them scenes from the Bible presented as riddles. The church has been remodeled several times, with many original parts preserved. The church was partly rebuilt in the 1600s and 1700s. The chancel was replaced in 1683, and the spokes of the nave in the first half of the 18th century. The church also received a new roof in 1730. Comprehensive repair was later carried out in 1927.

In 1888, art historian, professor of art history, and author Lorentz Dietrichson (1834–1917) became the owner of the church. Professor Dietrichson, who later played a major role in founding the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Norwegian Monuments (Fortidsminneforeningen), donated the property to the society in 1890.

Source: Wikipedia

Great road

Nore Stave church is one of four (!) stave churches you ca admire along road Fv40. The road is a fantastic ride through Numedalen and I would easily recommend the road even if the churches was not there! It is less traffic than on road Fv7 going the same direction, so why not try something new next time. The other churches on this stretch, is Flesberg, Rollag and Uvdal stave churces.

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