Road 306: Hvarnes - Nes

Steep, narrow and twisty. A bikers dream!


Hvarnes – Nes


59.3259282037, 9.9763783885327

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Look at the warning sign for this road! It’s hilarious! Narrow, twisty and steep…:-D Can you ask for more?
It is a shorty, no longer than 17 km, but really great fun! I see that a lot of motorcycle club’s include road 306 when they have group rides, and it’s not without a reason. The road climbs up and down, it goes right and left – high speed. And as an additional bonus, it’s both steep and narrow! 😀

There are no spectacular views or sights along the route, just pure fun. It’s not possible to drive it without a smile on your face. But if you’re into sights, Høyjord stave church is not far from Nes, so you can inlude it in your tour.


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