Funicular railway in Bergen


Vetrlidsallmenningen 23A, 5014 Bergen


60.3964198, 5.3285645



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The Fløibanen funicular railway in Bergen is one of Norway’s best-known attractions and the only railway of its kind in the country.

Fløibanen runs from the centre of Bergen to the summit of Fløyen in 5-8 minutes. The trip up – and down – is an experience in itself.  The journey starts at the lower station, in the heart of Bergen, about 150 m from the fish market and Bryggen wharf.

There are three intermediate stations on the way to the top: Promsgate, Fjellveien and Skansemyren. At Fløibanen’s upper station (320 m above sea level), there is a cafè, souvenir shop and restaurant – and a great view over Bergen and the fjord.

Fløibanen runs on rails up the steep mountainside to Fløyen, and has been in operation since 1918. Today’s modern carriages have glass ceilings and panoramic windows to afford the best views.  They also offer easy accessibility for prams/pushchairs and wheelchair users.

Open all year

Fløibanen runs daily all year round from early morning to 23.00. At times of high demand, the funicular runs continuously, carrying approximately 80 passengers each time.

From the viewing platform on the top (320 m above sea level), you can enjoy stunning views of Bergen and the surrounding fjord and mountains. It can’t be put into words and simply has to be seen! Fløibanen’s upper station is, of course, also the ideal starting point for exploring the mountains.

Taking Fløibanen to the summit of Fløyen brings you to an excellent walking area offering a wide variety of footpaths, walking paths, trails and viewpoints. Places for open fires, stone-built barbecues and picnic huts are also provided for your use.

The many footpaths and waymarked trails make Fløyen an eldorado for year-round experiences in the great outdoors. Fløyen is also the perfect starting point for longer walks in the mountains around Bergen. Ask for our hiking guide, which contains 10 suggested walks and hikes of varying lengths and durations in the Fløyen area.

In summer you can try our activities such as mountain biking, guided tours, paddelboard and canoeing.

Source: Floyen.no


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