Scenic Route Gaularfjellet

Twisty climb's and spectacular views


Balestrand – Eldalsosen


61.353066155513, 6.5162930796377

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Norwegian Scenic Route Gaularfjellet runs from Balestrand to Moskog and from Sande to Eldalsosen. The total distance is 114 km on Roads 55, 613 and 610. From Balestrand you can make beautiful detours. A boat trip that ends almost at the Jostadalsbreen glacier is a great way to experience the natural surroundings.

For most people Gaularfjellet is a well-kept secret, but for those who have discovered the road, it is quite special. The road runs along the fjord before snaking up towards the highest point of Gaularfjellet. At the rest area at Utsikten you can admire the panorama of a majestic view of a beautiful landscape where road 13 winds its way up the hillside. The road follows Gaularvassdraget, one of the few protected watercourses.
Cross the flexible bridge at Likholefossen waterfall provides a feeling of being into the mid of the swirling cascade.

Go fishing?

There are a number of easily accessible places along the road where you can stop and stretch your legs. Just admiring the nature or the spectacular view are as good reasons as any, But there are endless opportunities for fishing and hiking along the route.

Not crowded across Gaularfjellet

In 1853 a request was made for money to establish a road over the mountain, but almost 100 years would pass before this became a reality. The road quickly became a key transport route after its opening in 1938, but today it is a peaceful alternative since the main roads (road 5 and road E39) absorb most of the traffic.

Winter notice: The road over Gaularfjellet is closed during winter between Mel and Mjell. Normally from December till late April.


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