Scenic Route Varanger

Norwegian Scenic Route Varanger


Varangerbotn to Hamningberg


70.17288196865, 28.556616080914

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Norwegian Scenic Route Varanger runs from Varangerbotn to Hamningberg, a total distance of 160 km (Road 75/8100). Experience one of Norway’s most beautiful round trips by combining this route with the Hurtigruten coastal express and Norwegian Scenic Route Havøysund.

Varanger is about the long lines in the landscape as well as the long lines of history. Varanger not only offers a physical experience; you will also find serenity on this road. It is difficult to explain other than by saying that this is a place where you feel as if time stands a bit still.

You drive past birch woods, marshland and a rugged cliff landscape. The light is special and the bird and animal life are unique. Species of birds that you can’t see anywhere else in the world are relatively easily accessible. It’s not only because of its geographical location that Varanger is perhaps the most exotic stretch.

A trip along the route leading to the Arctic Ocean will reveal natural surroundings full of contrasts, and the lunar landscape out towards Hamningberg in many ways feels like this is a journey to the world’s end.

Winter notice: Hamningbergveien between Smelror and Hamningberg is closed during the winter. This stretch of road is normally closed from November until May.


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