The northermost three-country cairn in the World


Kilpisjärvi, Finland


69.059966, 20.548768

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Treriksrøysa is a three-country cairn in Troms and Finmark county. It marks the meeting point of the boarders between Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

In Norway, we have two of these three-country cairns. This one between Norway, Sweden and Findland, and one between Norway, Finland and Russia. However, the one between Norway, Finland, and Russia is heavily guarded on Norwegian and Russian side. This makes it unavailable for hikers. The one between Norway, Sweden, and Finland is located slightly further north, making it the World’s northernmost three-country cairn!

The shortest hike to Treriksrøysa is from the Finnish side near Kilpisjärvi. The parking along road E8 is clearly marked, and is easy to find. The hike is 22 km in total, but it is rated ‘demanding’, so you should expect to spend 5-7 hours in total.

Alternatively, in the summer months you can go by boat from Kilpisjärvi. This is reducing the hike to a 20 minutes walk to the cairn. Read more about the boat trip here.

The cairn is also reachable from the Norwegian side in Signaldalen. The trail is marked, but is longer, so you should include a sleepover at the unmanned DNT cabins Gappohytta or Goldahytta. This hike is approx. 30 km and is considered challenging. The Goldahytta is just a short stroll from Treriksrøysa.

The cairn is made of concrete and is located in the lake at the actual meeting point of the boarders. A wooden bridge brings you out to the cairn, where you can run freely between the three countries.

YouTube video by Anton Holmberg

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