The Artic Circle Center

The circle moves 14m north per year


Saltfjellveien 1850, 8630 Storforshei


66.5524102, 15.3225251



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The Arctic Circle Center is a tourist center at Saltfjellet in Nordland county. It has approx. 160,000 visitors annually. It is located in Rana municipality, 80 km north of Mo i Rana and 70 km south of Fauske.

The Arctic Circle Center is built in a landscape conservation area with nice hiking terrain connected to Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park. The center was opened on 13 July 1990, at the same time as the new E6 was opened over Saltfjellet. The center has a size of 1300 m² and the building’s architecture is adapted to the natural surroundings. A marble path marks the Arctic Circle through the center. In the summer of 2009, the Arctic Circle was actually 1039 m further north, and it moves approx. 14.25 m north per. years.

The center has a café, a souvenir shop and exhibitions on art, marble and Arctic animals. Here you can see Europe’s largest stuffed polar bear. In the cinema you can see the multivision program Welcome to the Arctic, which shows pictures and music from the Arctic Circle area. In the area around the center there are Russian and Yugoslav war memorials from World War II.

From the post office you can send cards home, stamped with your own polar circle stamp.

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  1. Susan Grant

    Very interesting to learn that the Circle is moving north each year, although I don’t quite understand it.

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