Scenic Route Lofoten

Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten


Å to Raftsundet


67.880482988381, 12.983063421536

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Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten runs from Å to Raftsundet (Euroroute 10) with detours to Nusfjord (Road 7596), Vikten (Road 7600), Utakleiv (Road 7606-7716), Unstad (Road 7720), Eggum (Road 7724) and Henningsvær (Road 816).

This is a total distance of 230 km. By travelling with the Hurtigruten coastal express, ferries and Euroroute 6 you can combine this stretch of road with other Norwegian Scenic Routes.
You can avoid using ferries here by driving on Euroroute 10. However in several places ferries offer an alternative route. To the south, ferries operate on the section from Bodø – Moskenes, Svolvær – Skutvik and Bognes – Lødingen.
To the north a ferry will take you from Melbu to Fiskebøl.

Regardless of the time of year, Lofoten provides a journey amid breathtaking natural surroundings. The landscape is both beautiful and stark. However there are sheltered, protected stretches that can provide some relief from the raw, exposed areas that show their harshness when the wind is blowing hard.
The combination of the untamed ocean and stormy seas, jagged alpine mountains plunging into the water, tiny sheltered fishing villages and white beaches with crystal clear waters will never cease to enchant us. That’s also the reason why the road can be so busy in the high season.
Then it’s good to know that you can seek out little, secluded corners and fine detours along the route. 


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