Lofotr Viking Museum

The largest Viking longhouse ever discovered


Vikingveien 539, 8360 Bøstad


68.246160312027, 13.75779432886


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At Borg in Lofoten, a farmer discovered what should turn out to be the largest Viking longhouse ever found and excavated. What better place to build Lofotr Viking Museum and an identical replica of the impressive longhouse?

The longhouse at Borg is 83 meters long, 12 meters wide and 9 meters high. It was an archeological sensation when it was discovered in 1981. The more than 1000 year old ruins tell a story of wealth and power. And a tale of a mighty chieftain who lived here. A chieftain that enjoyed extensive contact with other seats of power in Europe.

In a addition to the authentic replica of the longhouse, you can see an exhibition of archeological findings. Or visit Tufta, the original site of the house. In the summer you can pet the farm animals, visit the blacksmith or eat in the café. There is a museum shop, and you can see the boat house, or even take a trip in a viking boat.

For tickets and more information about Lofotr Viking Museum, please visit their web-site.

Lofotr Viking Museum is an obvious place to stop if you are riding Norwegian Scenic Route Lofoten.


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