The Golden Road

A detour to slow you down a notch




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The route ‘The Golden Road’ passes through beautiful scenery in Inderøy municipality in North-Trøndelag, with food, art and cultural experiences along the way. The route is a detour from road E6 just north of Trondheim.

The Golden Road is – as far as I understand it – something you plan to do. You can of course do the detour and just enjoy the beautiful surroundings, make random stops at local food stores or art exhibitions, but if you want to benefit from the dozen offerings along the route, you need to plan in advance.

What to expect

The Golden Road offer several exciting farm shops selling both local food and great gifts. The proximity to the fjord provides opportunities for swimming, fishing, boating and outdoor activities. Wherever you go and who you visit, you will meet welcoming and capable hosts, ensuring you to get the very best out of your stay in Inderøy.

The Golden Route is for those who enjoy life. That want to slow down for a day or more and benefit from everything Inderøy municipality has brought together in this interesting concept. They have realized that they can package their offerings in a joint concept that attract more visitors than any of the participants could have done on their own. And the package seams to work. The Golden Road has existed for more than 20 years, and is still going strong. So they got something going here, and now you know that you can benefit from it.

This is how they have put it on their site:
It takes 12 minutes to drive the E6 between Røra and Vist. The Golden Road takes 8 minutes more – or a day, a week, a whole summer, a whole life…”

Check out their website for detailed information about everything this route has to offer.


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