Kystriksveien (Road 17)

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fylkesvei 17


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The 630 km long County Road 17 (Norwegian: Fylkesvei 17) is also known as the Coastal Highway (Norwegian: Kystriksveien). It is a Norwegian highway that runs from the town of Bodø in Nordland county (in the north) to the town of Steinkjer in Trøndelag county (in the south). The road is also know by enthusiasts as the ‘World’s most beautiful driving road’ – and it includes six(!) ferry crossings. The road runs along the coast of Nordland and Trøndelag counties – through 28 different municipalities.


The road is a much longer and more time-consuming route than the inland European Route E6 highway, but far more scenic. Actually so scenic that the Norwegian road administration also has elected it as one of their “Norwegian Scenic Routes; Helgelandskysten”.

This long stretch of road has so much more to offer than I can present on this page. It’s not just a ‘short visit’ that you can cross off your bucket list. You need to spend time and explore. Do the ferry crossings, be amazed by the glaciers and do all the photo shoots. Luckily there is a separate web page covering it all, so head over to to check it out.

Before 2010, this was National Road 17 (Norwegian: Riksvei 17), but control and maintenance of the road was transferred to the counties from the national government on that date, so now it is a county road.

Check out on this route:

A short video:

Video by Steinar Haugli

And a longer one:

Video by Gib63

Other locations in this part of Norway:

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