TET Norway section 2b

500 km: gravel roundtrip Alvdal - Røros - Alvdal




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The Trans Euro Trail — or just TET for short — is all adventure riders and dirt road travelers dream. It runs all the way from the North Cape to the door step of Africa. Across 30 countries, zigzagging 51,000 km of dirt roads, gravel, and single tracks through Europe.

4 sections in Norway

In short, we have 4 sections in Norway. Section 1, 2 and 2b in southern parts, passing deep forests and high mountains. And section 3 in the north, crossing the tundra and sparse forest, heading north along the Old Post Road. Only the final stretch to the iconic top of Europe — The North Cape — runs on tarmac.

TET Norway section 2b:
Alvdal – Røros – Alvdal

The TET Norway section 2b is an almost 500 km long roundtrip that starts and ends in Alvdal, which you pass when following section 2. This section of TET opened just before summer of 2020 and includes the beautiful city of Røros.

The mining town of Røros is sometimes called Bergstaden, which means “the rock town” due to its historical copper mining. It is one of two towns in Norway that were historically designated as a “mining town”, along with the “silver-town” of Kongsberg.

The TET section 2b will bring you to two of the old mines, of which one is open for the public. Make sure to have a stop in the city center of Røros as well, because its medieval appearance is great for sightseeing and photoshoots.

UNESCO listed

The modern-day inhabitants of Røros still work and live in the characteristic 17th and 18th century buildings, which have led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. Røros has about 80 wooden houses, most of them standing around courtyards. There are also two churches in the town. The large and historic Røros Church and the relatively new, but unique-looking Røros Chapel.

Please follow the linesman encouragement of sticking to the track. Don’t do any off-roading, because the whole area is protected by UNESCO.

Honor the Linesman

In Norway, it is not allowed to go off-roading wherever you like, and many (actually, most) gravel roads are closed for public use.

But also here, as in the other countries the TET passes, there is an eager dirt road adventurer developing, expanding and checking the route’s on voluntary basis. In TET, he/she is called a linesman and in Norway that is Tore Silseth
He’s made sure that the whole route is 100% legal for us to use.

Toll roads

Some roads are toll-roads, and if you cannot pay via your mobile phone (Vipps), you need to bring cash. A few accepts card, but far from all of these small roads.

Get the GPX file

Due to copyrights and frequent route changes, you need to visit TET’s official web page to download the latest GPX files. https://transeurotrail.org/norway/


Other locations in this part of Norway:

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